March 13

Be gracious to ME, O God, for man tramples on ME; all day long an attacker oppresses ME.

Psalm 56:1

Can I challenge you in your prayers to love your neighbor as yourself? What you pray for yourself, pray for someone else. When you pray for your family, pray for another. When you pray for our church, pray for another. When you pray for your community/area/nation, pray for another. Believers want to be remembered in prayer. Think of Paul asking to be remembered in his chains. In India there are believers having there homes burned down. In Ukraine recently a Christian worker was killed in a targeted attack as he was handing out bread. There is a war going on, and I’m not talking about Ukraine. I don’t pray for church growth. I pray for kingdom expansion. I actually pray our church doesn’t grow, at least in the sense of more and more gathering. I pray that as people come in, others will be sent out carrying the gospel and the cross of Christ. We need to get our eyes off ourselves (I’m including myself in that) and onto others. We are blessed in every way; it’s not to keep but to pass on.