March 12

“…I will make to cease from me the grumblings of the people of Israel…”

Numbers 17:5 ESV

People die for grumbling against what God had done to those who had grumbled. People are complaining against Moses, but they are really complaining against God. It’s a death sentence. It’s not even the first time a plague went out because of their complaining. Tens of thousands die because of complaining. Why don’t we fear the Lord and guard against complaining?

They blamed Moses, but it was a complaint against the Lord. If God is in control of your life, then your complaints are against the Lord. Do you really want to go before the ruler of the universe and tell Him He’s not treating you right?

Complaining is an insult to the Master, the One who does all things well. You are accusing Perfection of getting it wrong. Fear the Lord and show Him honor. David complains but does so to cast His burdens on the Lord and trusts His salvation on the matter. He turns it into an act that honors God.