March 10

“Only do not rebel against the Lord. And do not fear the people of the land, for they are bread for us…”

Numbers 14:9 ESV

This verse stood out to me because of the word bread. I didn’t remember that phrase, ‘they are bread for us.’ Then there it was in the Psalms reading.

…who eat up my people as they eat bread…

Psalm 53:4 ESV

They are consuming their enemies as bread, as if nothing. I didn’t understand that, thinking of Jesus as our bread of life and how we live by His word. It’s our bread. So how can our enemies be bread for us? (I am actually posing these questions to the Lord. The Lord is faithful to answer. I write these lessons out of weakness, not strength.)

Every victory is fuel for us. It’s a fulfillment of God’s word to us. Every word proven faithful and true gives light to our eyes and strength to our bones. Remember how God gave you victories over your enemies (fear, anger, desires, …) to fuel you through trials to come. His proven promises are bread to us.