Man Is Useless

  1. In Psalm 58, the reward of the righteous is the death of the enemy.
  2. Psalm 59 talks of the God of power and mercy.
  3. Psalm 60 declares that the help of man is useless, but that through God they may do valiantly and trample down their enemies.
  4. So, what can we make of these things? How can we pull them together?
  5. If we look to man for help and saving, we lose out. We lose out on the victory. We may solve one problem and maybe only temporarily at that, but we miss out on the victory from God, that is lasting, that didn’t require the expenditure, that brought relief and satisfaction and glory to God.
  6. The help of man is found in many forms. Think of all the “experts” we turn to. They are men. Useless. Go to God when you have a need! He delivers.
  7. If you live righteous before God, blameless in His sight, then go to God. If you aren’t blameless and righteous before God, you better go before Him too! You need to confess and repent and get His help.
  8. But if you are walking in the Spirit, living in God’s presence, then why wouldn’t you turn to Him, who is right there with you, for your help?
  9. He is the God of power and mercy. Mercy for the repentant sinner, and power for the child of God needing help.
  10. He is both for us. We need Him to be both the God of mercy and power. I rely on His mercy each day to keep me, to keep me from sin, to keep me from wandering. I ask Him to keep me close to Him.
  11. I rely on His power to perform all things for me! I need Him for my health, my provision, my life, my help, my security, my protection, my relationships, my knowledge, my work, my everything! I need His power to accomplish His will in my life.
  12. And the result is righteousness. The result is my enemies defeated. The result is glorying in God and rejoicing over my old enemies who can’t beat me down any more. No more fear. No more worry. No more regret. Just praise for the God who does all things well!