1. The king’s baby son had been hidden and now is seven years old and is appointed king in a bit of subterfuge.
  2. I find it so striking how everyone is quick to accept the new king and to tear down the old power, including the Baal temple.
  3. It kind of shows how they weren’t really worshiping Baal. If they were true worshipers, they wouldn’t stand for the temple to be torn down and the priests killed.
  4. When Gideon tears down the idol, the people revolt and want to kill him. His dad talks them down and the people end up following Gideon and his God.
  5. If the people weren’t worshiping Baal and weren’t worshiping God, who were they worshiping?
  6. Our worship is directed somewhere. Our love is directed somewhere.
  7. I’m guessing they were worshiping and loving themselves.
  8. They were happy to worship Baal when that seemed to be working for them.
  9. The evil queen mother who kills off her family so she can rule wasn’t highly looked up to. Everyone is willing to turn on her, just like when Jehu took the throne.
  10. There’s no loyalty here.
  11. We need to be loyal to the Lord and His people.
  12. We need to be loyal to God and to each other. Paul struggles saying there is no one like-minded and struggling with people abandoning him, though some were faithful, even risking their lives for him.
  13. May we live in the love and unity of Christ among the brethren.