Living in Relationship with the Lord


The Israelites are giving freely and joyously towards the building of the house of the Lord. That obedience, that love act, draws them close to the Lord. It removes any barriers to relationship with the Lord.

They don’t then take advantage of that relationship. They don’t then indulge the flesh knowing God loves them and is willing to forgive them. No, their love is accurately paired with fear of the Lord. They take their joyous freedom in the Lord and use it to show God honor and respect. They praise and reverence the Lord.

They bless the Lord and bow their heads and honor Him. And then they eat and drink before the Lord with great gladness.

As I am writing this, it’s the day before Thanksgiving. I don’t want to just say thanks this year. I want to feast with great gladness.

We eat every single day, basically. We can eat and drink before the Lord with great gladness every day.

Meals are a great chance for a reminder during your day that the Lord is with you. When you stop and give thanks for your meal, let it not be just a habit or duty or momentary pause, but a welcoming into fellowship with the Lord.

Remember that He is with you.

Remember that He has provided all that you have from your teeth for chewing, to the food, to the table, to His presence with you!

When you come to a meal, bow your head and offer Him honor. Invite Him to feast with you.

Be glad in the Lord and offer the meal as a celebration of God and His goodness.

Every meal can be a chance to feast in His faithfulness.