Link Issues

  1. If you are working from a copy of the course that you saved to your computer (like a PDF or One Note) please check our online course pages to see if there is a new link already in place. We update courses every day. No copy will ever be as current as what’s on the site!
  2. Report to us if:
    • a link is coming up 404 Not Found.
    • a link is redirecting and doesn’t seem to be going to the page explained in the directions.
    • a link requires a login NOT mentioned in the directions. QUIZLET is now requiring a free account. Please make one. We removed it from most courses, but we still want to use it in some places.
    • a link requires Flash, Shockwave, or Java.
    • the directions have a mistake.
    • there is questionable content (see below about Ad Blocker if this is about an ad.)
  3. Before reporting a broken link from a tablet or phone, please try it on a computer to be sure it is the link and not a compatibility issue. You can also try setting your mobile device to desktop mode. Directions here 
  4. Try a different browser such as Firefox or Chrome if a page isn’t loading.
  5. You can also try this website to see if a link is down for everyone or if it’s just you.
  6. If the site seems to be gone and it isn’t just you, please report to us on Facebook.
  7. Check the notes below for other common issues.
  8. If you aren’t on Facebook, you can email

Filtering Software

If you are running a filtering software on your computer or home network (like Disney Circle or K9 Web Protection), it may block some assignment links. If you encounter a link that doesn’t work, check your software filter first. If you are using Google Family Link, your student will need to use a 13+ account for school, otherwise YouTube video links will redirect you to YouTube Kids and will not play the videos in the assignments.


Easy Peasy recommends Chrome or Firefox as the browser on your PC. Safari, Internet Explorer, and Edge do not work well and are associated with the most glitches and problems.


PDF Reader

You will also need a PDF reader. If you don’t have one installed, you can get one free here (uncheck the boxes for the extra programs you’re not interested in): Adobe Reader.


EP is browser-based, so it can be accessed from any device with an internet browser. We recommend a laptop (or chromebook) or desktop as the primary device for school. Chromebooks work great for EP but you will need to make sure your student is using an account that is set for an age of 13+ or the YouTube videos in the assignments won’t play.

We recommend using a laptop/chromebook or desktop computer as the primary device for school or having one available if you are using a mobile device for the majority of your work.

A couple of the websites used for the younger children require you to purchase the app if you are on a mobile device. You can get around it by using the desktop version of your mobile browser. Directions here

Ad Blocker

Get rid of ads with AdBlock Plus, a free program that will block all those sidebar and pop-up ads.  This is HIGHLY recommended by Easy Peasy to avoid bothersome ads on many of the sites used.