Light, Truth, and Hope

  1. In Psalm 43, the Sons of Korah are asking to be led to the holy hill by God’s light and truth. We’ve read in previous psalms, by David, about the one who can be in the holy hill. They are the righteous, the ones with clean hands and pure hearts.
  2. We can get those clean hands and pure hearts by the light and truth of God’s word and the work of the Holy Spirit working in us and through God’s word.
  3. David found God’s favor by following one precept of God’s word, caring for the poor.
  4. Caring for the poor is throughout all of Scriptures. It’s part of the Old Testament law. It was demonstrated by Jesus. It was encouraged by the apostles. James went as far as to define true religion as caring for orphans and widows (James 1:27).
  5. That James verse does have another part to it. It’s also true religion to remain uncorrupted by the world. That’s why we need the light and truth.
  6. As we’re seeking the truth and light, we need to keep encouraged. When we come up short of the standard we see in Scripture, we need to keep encouraged. God desires a godly heart, a heart set on Him, set on going after Him, a heart that’s toward Him. God always provided a sacrifice, so it was never about sinless perfection. But it is about our choice of Him.
  7. We have His steadfast love. It is unchanging. It’s steadfast! We always have hope in His steadfast love, which is just another way to say His mercy. He will show mercy to those who set their hearts on Him. He will not give us what we deserve. We will have His pardon and freedom from the punishment for our sin.
  8. We always have hope because we can always lean on His mercy, and His arms of steadfast love.
  9. And in hope we always have a song of praise and a prayer of thanksgiving. And when we find our dwelling in the holy hill of His presence, we will have found exceeding joy.