Let the Lord Build the House


1 Kings 5 is a chapter of practicalities it seems.

King Hiram of Tyre loved David and is pleased to see that David’s son is acting wisely and making an agreement with them. Solomon complements the king telling him that his people are the best at working with timber and trusts the king to name his price.

Here’s a lesson on relations. He built him up with praise and respected him by trusting him with a decision.

Let’s think about those practicalities a little. Solomon needs the timber for the house of the Lord. He can trust that Lord will provide what he needs for it. It’s the Lord’s project. The Lord builds the house.

Solomon didn’t need to concern himself with the details. He has the idea that he should have timber from the king of Tyre. He reaches out with kindness and respect. He doesn’t have to concern himself over the details. They are all handled for him.

What if we let the Lord build the house?

Psalm 127:1  Unless the LORD builds the house, those who build it labor in vain.

The Lord must be the one to build the house. What if we turned over our home, our lives to the Lord? What if we just presented the need and gave the situation to the Lord?

Lord, we need help with math. Lord, we need this poison ivy out of our yard. Lord, we need these two to stop bickering and accusing each other. Lord, the dishwasher is broken. We need help. Lord, I can’t make this client happy. Help me know what to do.

Not that our relationship with the Lord should consistent of just requests. That’s not a very friendly relationship. Each request should come with thanksgiving and joy that your good Father knows what you need and holds all things in His hands.

It should create a sense of anticipation that your God will deliver you in this situation. He may direct you to do something. He may miraculously just handle it. He may have the repairman just show up at your door without you calling him. (We have experienced each of those things.)

What if we really gave our lives to Lord? What if we let Him guide us? What if we waited on His salvation, believing we could trust Him to deliver us and meet any need?