Lesson 91 Answers

1. Black Beauty’s mother’s name was Duchess, but she was often called Pet.
2. We know Black Beauty’s first master was kind because he took great care of him. He gave his
horses good food, good lodging, spoke kindly to them, scolded Dick for throwing rocks at the colts, and insisted that he break Black Beauty in himself to ensure that Black Beauty would not be hurt.
3. Squire Gordon’s wife came up with Black Beauty’s name, and Squire Gordon liked the name.
4. The storm uprooted an oak tree that came crashing down among other trees.
5. John rewarded Black Beauty with a good supper of bran mash, beans and oats, as well as a thick bed of straw.
6. Three good things we learn about Joe in this chapter are that Joe gains John’s trust, Joe had the ability to be a hard worker, and we learn Joe feels the same way about animals as John, James, and his master. (answers may vary)
7. Beauty and Ginger were split up because unlike Beauty, Ginger could not tolerate the rein and she would act up.
8. The home with Mr. Barry was good because he was no longer a Job Horse, Mr. Barry was gentle with him, and Mr. Barry ordered him good food. (answers may vary)
9. First Joe notices Black Beauty’s white star, then his one white foot on the offside, then comes
upon the knot on Black Beauty’s neck from when Beauty was bled the time Joe almost killed him, and finally Joe is sure after seeing the little patch of white on Black Beauty’s back that was called “Beauty’s three-penny bit”.