Lesson 79 – Drawing and Painting

    • two point perspective 1
  1. Use a ruler to draw a short, straight vertical line somewhere below the horizon line, in between the two vanishing points.
    • two point perspective 2
  2. Now, use a ruler to draw four straight lines connecting the top and bottom of your line to the vanishing points, like this.
    • two point perspective 3
  3. Draw two more vertical lines, one on each side of your first vertical line, connecting the last lines that you drew, like in this example.
    • two point perspective 4
  4. Use your ruler to draw two more lines, connecting the tops of the lines you drew to the vanishing points on the opposite sides, like in this example.
    • two point perspective 5
  5. Now, erase the horizon line and all lines that are outside of the box.
    • two point perspective 6