2 Samuel 11 starts off telling us that it was spring, which is described as the time kings go out to war. David wasn’t with them. He wasn’t doing what he should have been doing.

David is lazily at home. We find him rising from his couch late in the afternoon. In his boredom he’s looking around and spots Bathsheba bathing. I am sure Bathsheba’s bath provided privacy from those around her, but obviously not enough privacy from an above-all king.

I don’t think she was being immodest in what she was doing. David was the one doing what he shouldn’t have been doing. He could have avoided that if he had been doing what he should have been doing.

Stop and think about that for a moment. Think about your addiction or addictions, those things you turn to in moments of laziness. It could be social media, TV, food, alcohol, internet, and so on.

There is something else you should be doing at those times. If you were doing what you were supposed to be doing during those times, then you wouldn’t be doing those things that are hurting you, whether in body, mind, soul, or spirit.

They are hurting you. We’re to never have an addiction. Anything pulling on you, drawing you to itself, needs to be cut off.

We’re to be controlled by the Holy Spirit only. We’re to be drawn close to God. Anything else drawing you is an antichrist, something trying to replace Christ, replace God in your life.

The Holy Spirit is our comforter. Finding comfort in something else is following after the antichrist spirit! There isn’t an evil in comfort, but comfort mixed with ease and prosperity can be a very dangerous combination. Comfort and ease can be the death of a Christian.

Be on guard against laziness. Find out what God’s will is and do it. There’s something you should be doing. If we are living to please Him and doing His work, we won’t be satisfying our flesh in moments of laziness.