Language Arts 6 Lesson 24

Fix the fragments! Choose the selection that corrects any error that might exist in the underlined portions of the paragraphs. If there is no error, select “no change.”

The twisty mountain roads made Jordan feel queasy. He loved reading, but he decided it would be smart to put his book down until the roads were straight again. Putting the book down and looking out the window helped him feel better. As a bonus, he got to enjoy the mountain beauty.

no change
reading but
down. Until
down, looking

The essay assignment loomed in front of Andrew. He freely admitted. Writing didn’t come easily to him, so he always put writing assignments off until the last minute. His mom gently pointed out that if he’d do them a little bit at a time, they’d be much easier to complete. He knew she was right, and he decided to buckle down and get to work.

admitted writing
time. They’d
right. And
no change

The Statue of Liberty has been a welcome sight for many immigrants across the years. As they arrived at nearby Ellis Island, they would see the statue and know they were entering a land of freedom and democracy. Standing over 151 feet tall. It is a quintessential emblem of liberty, known throughout the world.

tall, it
Island. They
democracy, standing
no change