Language Arts 6 Lesson 23

Choose the selection that corrects any error that might exist in the underlined portions of the paragraphs.

Janine reached into her bag, hoping to find her appointment card. She couldn’t remember what time she was supposed to arrive at the dentist. When she finally found it, she realized she had the wrong day!

no change
bag hoping
couldn’t, remember
it she

Luke opened all of his birthday gifts at a frazzled pace. He was hoping to receive the gift he wanted the most a painting from his grandfather. When he opened the last box, his eyes teared up as he saw a portrait of himself staring back at him. His grandfather had an incredible talent.

most, a
no change
box his
gifts, at

The president of the United States has a tough job. He often has to put his own convictions aside for the good of the country. Any time there’s a national problem everyone blames the president. I wouldn’t want that job.

problem, everyone
States, has
aside, for
no change