Know His Ways

  1. There is a promise in Psalm 24 that the blessed people will receive righteousness from God, but they are already the ones with clean hands, pure hearts, and truthful tongues. It seems they were already living right.
  2. But the righteousness of God is more than us being good. None of us are truly good. None of us always does what is right. But we can be ones who lift up our eyes on Jesus, whom we’ve set before us and allow Him to teach us in the way of His choosing.
  3. When we look to Him for His righteousness, we can receive the righteousness of Christ that is perfect. Then we can walk blameless before our Father. We can know that it’s not our righteousness, so we remain humble before Him, knowing we fully need Him and His righteousness to have life, to have salvation, to be freed from all our distresses and troubles. Psalm 25 tells us that He’ll teach the humble His way and lead them in what is right.
  4. In order to walk in the Lord’s ways, we need to know what they are. We need His teaching and leading. To have it we need to seek after it. Psalm 25 has several such pleas. Lead me in your truth and teach me. Make me to know your ways.
  5. I like that prayer. Make me know. Just do it Lord! I like to be God-reliant and not reliant on myself.
  6. We can pray these prayers, but then we can also seek Him in His word, but always seeking Him, not just gaining knowledge.
  7. Jesus is THE Way, so our goal is always to be getting to know Him. If we know Him, and walk with Him, we’ll never be off the right path.