Kinder Books 2021

Here are our Kindergarten books. The video and writing underneath cover the same material.



Learn to Read has stayed the same. It contains everything from both courses, Phonics and Sight Reading. This can be used as an offline course or along with the online course if you like to have the readings in a book instead of on a computer/device.


This can be used as an offline course OR as worksheets along with the online course. Everyday they are just sent to write something, so it’s mostly offline anyway, and all the directions are contained in the workbook. The only thing online is a video for each letter demonstrating how to write it.

This is very, very similar to Kindergarten Handwriting. If you have that handwriting book, you have everything you need. Some assignments towards the end were changed around, but if you already have the older book certainly use it and don’t worry about it.


Kinder Math Printables – This is the only really new book. This is just printables, worksheets and activities that go along with the online course. You can print it from the site or buy the workbook. This contains the new worksheets in the course and activities to cut out like the number lapbook. It’s everything you would normally print during the course.