June 5

…faith in his name has made this man strong…

Acts 3:16 ESV

This is where our faith is, in the name of Jesus, His unchanging character, nature, authority. That’s why Daniel and the early church martyrs thrown to the lions could all have the same faith and different outcomes. There’s no such thing as not being able to trust what God’s going to do. We read stories of martyrs going joyfully to their deaths. That’s deliverance as much as shutting the mouths of the lions. No one took Jesus’s life. Jesus laid it down. The same is true of the believer. If your life is surrendered into His hands, no one gets to snatch it out. Only God gets to determine the number of my days. No one else gets that authority in my life.

I actually never had faith that we wouldn’t get sick (referring to 2020). I was determined to honor God, had faith in Jesus’s name, and I took this stance like David.

…Let us fall into the hand of the Lord, for his mercy is great…

2 Samuel 24:14 ESV

There is a place for asking for a specific outcome, but faith isn’t directed at the thing. Our house church prayed for a little girl who was never supposed to be able to walk. She was completely healed right then. Our faith was only in our God, the good, merciful, powerful God of the Bible.