June 30

But you shall fear the Lord your God, and he will deliver you out of the hand of all your enemies.

2 Kings 17:39 ESV

All they had to do was fear the Lord. If they just did that one thing, they would be delivered.

Fearing the Lord implies not fearing other things as well. We love God with our all. He becomes the most important. When we fear God, we do the same. We make Him most important.

Do you fear God? Sometimes it can be hard to. We are wrapped up in His love. We focus on His forgiveness and unending mercy. But the fear of the Lord is foundational. It’s the beginning of our understanding. When we don’t come to Christ through the fear of the Lord leading us to our own cross, we can end up taking decades to get to what should be day one Christianity, our death and His life resurrected in us.

In old-time revivals, they preached about sinning against a holy God. People trembled in fear. It’s hard to even imagine a response like that now. We’ve lost that fear.

Satan has chipped away at it and its companions, honoring parents and respecting husbands until we barely have an understanding of what they even look like and don’t even encourage them within the church.

But God is restoring all things. He will restore these as well!