June 29

…the evil spirit leaped on them, mastered all of them and overpowered them…

Acts 19:16 ESV

We had our threats against us and our Pharisees against us, but we also have a story that’s kind of related to this one.

A man came to Christ at the home where our church met, the pastor’s home (just 2 rooms). He started getting beat up by a demon. Some invisible thing was beating him. He was getting tossed about and bruises started appearing on his body. The pastor called Dave from his position hiding behind the couch and asked what to do. They decided they needed to baptize him. Ten o’clock at night he was baptized and all the bruises disappeared as he came out of the water.

That’s what the Lord used to show us something was happening when we were baptizing. It wasn’t just a symbol. In the Bible there’s nothing about it being a public demonstration of faith. Anyway, the Lord has used all sorts of things to grow and teach us.

One of my revival prayers is for our leaders for wisdom and vision for new wine skins.

I pray our aim can change from church growth to kingdom growth, that our marketing can become evangelism and outreach to the poor, our small groups can be about presenting each man complete not making social connections…