June 27

It is frequent that I have many thoughts of lessons that could be taught on any given day. Today was no different, except it’s not clear to me what to choose. We have Psalm 145:4 saying one generation shall declare your works to the next and the young king who does what is right because he is taught by the older priest. We have Paul being encouraged to not fear. He must have been tempted to fear. God tells him no one will attack to harm him. He is attacked, but there is no harm.

But, it’s in me to tell a story. This miracle I didn’t need. I didn’t ask for it. It was just a love gift from my good Father.

They shall pour forth the fame of your abundant goodness…

Psalm 145:7 ESV

We spent the last year of our time overseas without a visa. We had to move every three months to use a tourist visa, flipping between Macedonia and Germany. After one of those moves, Dave and I sat around the kitchen table and I said I wished I had brought certain shoes of Nathaniel’s and Dave said he wished he had brought his coffee mug. When the conversation ended, I stood up and walked to the bedroom. There on the floor, side by side just inside the doorway of our bedroom, were the shoes and mug — an angel delivery love gift from my good Father.