June 25

…we were met by a slave girl who had a spirit of divination…

Acts 16:16 ESV

I came across someone like this in Macedonia. She asked with tears that I not cast out the demons.

In college, my Bible study group cast demons out of a guy. The four of us fasted once a week and met for prayer on those evenings, and then we’d hang out a sign welcoming people to come be prayed for. This guy came, and we started praying, and the Lord told me to get him out. I literally shoved him out of the room and shut the door in his face while he was saying, “I can explain.” I asked the others why I had just done that. One of them was being choked until he was out of the room. At our big IV fellowship meeting, everyone was praying, and the four of us girls just looked up during prayer and nodded at each other. We all knew what we were supposed to do. With no words exchanged, I announced we had to go and we left. Two of us went to my room. Two got this guy and brought him there. He got free and filled with the Spirit and ended up starting a Bible study the next year. We later learned he had invited the demons because he had wanted to be a sorcerer. That group of girls is the closest I’ve ever experienced of being the One Body. Believers can think and act as one!