June 2

“Children, do you have any fish?” … “It is the Lord!”…

John 21:5, 7 ESV

They didn’t recognize the Lord at first. Here’s another who’s-speaking-to-you lesson.

Hearing the Lord’s voice, having conversation with the Lord, is something available to the children and friends of God. 1 John 1:3 says our fellowship is with the Father and with the Son. You can speak with them, ask them questions, love each other.

My best advice for hearing the Lord would be don’t try. Don’t strain to hear His voice. Trying is of the flesh. The Spirit has absolutely no need to practice doing anything and to walk in the Spirit we need to put to death the flesh. I was once in a small group where someone put a colored shape in an envelope, and we were to let God tell us what it was. I refused. Don’t ever do something like that. The Holy Spirit doesn’t play parlor games. At best you are in the flesh. At worst you are getting into the demonic. Practice by sitting with Jesus with your Bible open and tell Him you want to get to know Him. Ask Him what He wants to talk about. But don’t sit there trying to hear something. Start reading the Bible and let Him speak when He wants to. Listening should only be in relationship with Him. Don’t desire words from God. Desire God. Don’t seek power. Seek to share God’s love with someone, and maybe it will be with a word.