June 19

…I will give you the vineyard of Naboth…”

1 Kings 21:7 ESV

I have a story of answered prayer from yesterday that is hopefully an example of the opposite of a manipulating, controlling woman.

Two Sundays ago I expected to have our homeschool paperwork signed by someone at church. They weren’t able to and I had a month to find a replacement with the needed qualifications or we’d be faced with truancy charges. I put it to the Lord and took my hands off. One week passed, nothing. A second week came close to the end, and Friday I prayed and told the Lord He knew I had no deadline in my heart for when I would take over if He hadn’t solved our problem, and so I asked that He have mercy and not make me wait till the last week. Someone came to mind I had never considered. I had been thinking we’d need two different teachers for the different ages, but he was a psychologist. I looked up the law and sure enough, psychologist counted and could do all my kids. I prayed that if that was the Lord’s plan, He’d bring us together in a natural way outside after church. I saw him at church and walked past him as he took his son up for prayer. Outside, I got into a conversation about our good God and forgot all about it. 🙂

The son of the woman I was talking to started to wander. We turned to follow him, and I saw my husband talking to that man. I certainly excused myself and made a beeline at that point. I told him what we needed and his response was, “That’s so funny you should mention that…” God had arranged the whole thing and we got our signatures, and I got to be a blessing to him. I told him the story about praying and he said it was the first time they had stayed and come out to the lawn for lemonade. 🙂 God was in control. We definitely did the dance of joy when we got home to give Him the honor and praise.