June 12

But with you there is forgiveness, that you may be feared.

Psalm 130:4 ESV

How does forgiveness lead to the fear of the Lord? It seems opposite, right?

If the Lord were only wrathful, we’d all long ago given up. We would have been consumed or known we would be, so why bother going to Him and keeping His ways? It’s in offering forgiveness when we know we deserve wrath that humbles us and draws us to Himself in fear, awe, respect, singing, “Holy, worthy.”

This morning I was singing, “Holy, worthy.” I would never call what I do “soaking prayer;” people get into weird stuff, but the first thing I do each morning (currently) is put on songs and sit with the Lord and we love each other. If I wake up with a song on my mind, I might play that on loop. Or I ask the Lord what He would like me to sing to Him. I have made myself a playlist I’ve labeled Love Songs. It’s a quiet time, though maybe by necessity that time of day! I read the Bible, pray, and sing three times a day. In the morning and evening, I work on Scripture memory, which is a time of meditating on Scripture because you have to repeat it over and over. That’s my pattern if it inspires anyone. You do have time in your day for the Lord if you make Him your priority.