June 11

“Blessed be the Lord who has given rest to his people Israel, according to all that he promised…

1 Kings 8:56 ESV

I have been learning about rest. In a way it’s been decades, all the learning to rely on Him instead of man (self or others); and then it was the years of learning to “live loved,” knowing I can trust all His only good, always good plans; and most recently it’s been shalom, the place of thankful, contented, quiet, confident rest. It’s the place of salvation where all works cease.

I no longer face any gentle discipline if I take a minute to get out of bed. (I told you He trained me like a soldier.) It’s never like that now. He trusts my heart’s choice of Him. I get up right away because my heart has chosen Him. I don’t ask the Lord anymore, “Can I…?” because my heart has chosen to follow Him not my flesh, so I don’t seek other things, and I live in the broad place of freedom.

There are other areas I am still training in. I told you I wasn’t good at still and quiet. But this past week, He helped me find the still and quiet mind at rest and stayed on Him.

Isaiah 26:3 You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you.

The Hebrew word for “stayed” means to rest.

Rest in the Lord!