Job Has Said His Piece

  1. Chapter 31 is the last chapter of Job’s speech. He is now finished with his tirade.
  2. He basically affirms all his friends were saying about how bad things would and should happen to people who do what is wrong.
  3. However, the whole time he’s asserting he’s done no wrong. He cares for the widow, the fatherless, the sojourner, the poor. He is just toward his workers and faithful to his wife.
  4. I pulled out a few quotes as I was reading it. Job is full of some amazing things.
  5. Job 31:15. This is Job talking about his servants. He says, “Did not he who made me in the womb make him? And did not one fashion us in the womb?” Job is saying that he and his servant are equal in God’s eyes. He acknowledges they were both formed the same way by the same hands.
  6. He has great understanding of God, even if he’s missing part of who God is right now. He knows God well.
  7. Job 31:23. Job is talking about what it would be like if he had sinned against God. He says, “For I was in terror of calamity from God, and I could not have faced his majesty.” Job recognizes the fearsomeness of God. He does execute wrath and sinners cannot stand before Him. That’s why the New Testament talks about boldness to approach the throne. It takes boldness because the fear of the Lord tells us what happens to those who aren’t worthy of approach. But we put our confidence in Christ to approach the throne of grace.
  8. Job lists many sins, but one of them I will point out, trusting in money.
  9. If you think you’re okay because you have money in the bank, or think you don’t have to worry about the future because you have savings, or think you are secure in whatever because you have money, you are in idolatry. Money can’t save you. God is your savior and security. We can’t turn to money to rescue us when we’re in trouble. We need to turn to God.