Joab’s Revenge on Abner


Abner is loyal to the house of Saul. David doesn’t fault him for it. David had been loyal too, as much as he could be.

Abner isn’t paid back for his kindness to Saul, which would have been wise. Saul’s son instead unjustly accuses him, foolishly.

Abner speaks to the leaders of Israel and convinces them to make David their king. He makes peace with David and they make a covenant together to unite.

We have another act of revenge. This was a specific revenge against a specific someone for something they had done.

Abner, the commander of Saul’s army, had killed the brother of Joab in battle. Had Abner not killed the brother, it is likely that the brother would have killed him. Abner had really been acting in self-defense. He tried to get the brother to turn away, but he wouldn’t listen.

Joab kills Abner in return as revenge.

A great man dies. A man who had just promised to unite Israel was killed.

Abner would have been a leader and ally for David.

David wisely mourns for Abner. All of Israel knows that David wasn’t behind his murder. They trust David because of it.

God turns the hearts of the people toward David because of the things David does.

Righteousness shines and light draws people.

If you want to be used of God, shine His light. Allow His righteousness to live and reign in you and through you.

Then others, who live in darkness, will be drawn to you and you can share the light.

It’s not about doing good things for God. It’s about letting The Good God do through you.

Be His. That’s all. Know Him enough to know that you should just give your life to Him. Let Him have it. Let His light shine.