Jehu the Avenger

  1. Why do we think we know so much and can control so much?
  2. In 2 Kings 9, we have the army commanders making fun of the prophet for his crazy talk.
  3. When the prophet says something they apparently like, that Jehu is to be king, they immediately accept it and act on it.
  4. When the prophets spoke of disaster if they don’t turn from their idols, then that’s crazy talk, not talk of power and promotion.
  5. God does use Jehu for carrying out His word against Ahab’s household. It seems lots of people were against the current king as no one hesitated to join Jehu in his quest, even those who worked for the king directly.
  6. We see a bit of how Jezebel thought she could manipulate men. When Jehu is coming for her, she “paints her eyes.” She puts on makeup and leans out the window. That probably worked on other men before.
  7. Her aides throw her down at Jehu’s command. The king’s messengers join Jehu. These people were against the king, but no one would stand up to him until someone took the first step, took the lead.
  8. Jehu himself is carrying out prophecies that he himself seems to have heard. He knew God’s word about Ahab and Jezebel, but even he had never done anything about it.
  9. He needed the Lord’s anointing. He needed to be sent.
  10. There are so many problems in the world. There are so many workers of iniquity out there. There is so much suffering. There are so many without Christ. We know the command to make disciples, but it’s all too much. We can’t do it.
  11. Even if we share the gospel, we can’t save anyone. God has to do it. Salvation is a spiritual transaction. We can’t save anyone. We can just share God’s word with them.
  12. There is a tension of knowing there are good works to do and knowing we are to do good works, and knowing if God doesn’t do the work, it will all just blow away like chaff. The only lasting work is work done by the Eternal One.
  13. What are we to do? Do good to those of the household of God around us. Meet needs as they are brought to our attention, not through advertising techniques, but by God arranging our circumstances and ordering our steps. And we wait with a willing, wanting heart for the anointing to be sent in His power, to do His works.
  14. We can accomplish more in a day, like Jehu, going in the power of the sending anointing than in years of working on our own trying to accomplish what we think is good to do.