In 1 Samuel 18, we read about Saul’s jealousy that the people were praising David more highly than himself. He knows that the kingdom will go to David and thinks he can take matters into his own hands.

Of course, right there is another fault of his. He is thinking he can thwart the will of God. He does not have that kind of power. If you are of God, no one has any power over your life. You may lay down your life, but no one can take it from you.

Saul’s sin of pride has led him to lose the kingdom and now lose his mind. He’s consumed with jealousy and it’s driving his decisions. Anything other than the Holy Spirit driving a decision needs to be laid at the cross of Christ!

He’s trying feverishly to kill David. He’s recognizing repeatedly that God is with David and not him, but he continually refuses to humble himself and repent. He keeps acting presumptuously, trying to dictate the future. He’s trying to play God.

Where are you letting something drive your life? Are problems driving your decisions? Feelings? Resentment or unforgiveness? Anxiety or fear? Desires? You can’t say you are following Jesus if you are letting something else direct your path!

Jesus IS the way. Being one with Him is the path of life. Letting His life be your life is the way to live and walk and have your being.

It’s lunacy to act as if God can’t fix a situation so we have to do things our way. It’s lunacy to think we have a better plan than God might come up with. Get your thinking straight about God and who He is and then act like it’s true.

Saul is crazy to think he can outwit God and make his own plans come about.

David doesn’t have to fear for his life. It feels like he needs to, but that’s a lie. The truth is his life was never really in danger. When the one looking out for you can have your pursuers strip naked and prophecy, I mean, really, what could they ever do to you?