January 30

“… that you may know that I am the Lord.”

Exodus 10:2 ESV

The Lord did all that in Egypt for their sake, so they would know Him as Lord. He does it all for our sake. His motivation is always love. Love is not self-seeking. God’s not in this for Himself. He glorifies Himself, showing His awesome power in Egypt, because His people need to look to Him for salvation. It’s for their sake, not out of a need to have everyone think He’s so great.

Salvation is our death and Christ giving us His life. It’s a completed work in us that we then live and work out in partnership with the Holy Spirit, pressing on to get hold of what we’ve been given freely in Christ.

We need to surrender our lives over completely and submit to His choices for us. God has good purposes in His choices. He works only out of love for His people. You can trust Him with your life.