January 13

Proverbs teaches us wisdom, but it first teaches us the value of wisdom. It instructs us about all the blessings of following wisdom and all the problems of being unwise. We’re given a spirit of wisdom. The Holy Spirit in us is Wisdom within us. David, in Psalm 51, speaks of God teaching him wisdom in the secret place.

In Matthew 6, Jesus speaks of the secret place when He is speaking about praying and fasting in secret, for God’s approval, not man’s.

Proverbs speaks of the many blessings that come with wisdom. This isn’t the world’s wisdom that offers these blessings promised. It is God’s wisdom that is found in the secret place, in the place of abiding in Him, walking in the light of His way.

How do we find the way? Colossians 2:3 tells us that in God is all the treasure of wisdom and knowledge. Don’t turn to books and blogs to find your way in the world. You have the source of all wisdom. Go to Him in the secret place and learn from Him.