January 10

Proverbs 3:5-6 is one of those verses I have known for decades, but I am still working on living. Few people give any thought to even the possibility of turning to God and not relying on their own understanding, but we try to go to God first and seek His wisdom and not the world’s, and we try to wait on Him to direct our steps instead of acting on what we “know.”

One area where I can give examples is repairs needed in our home. We’ve experienced all of these: the problem just miraculously fixing itself, a repair man just showing up right after we realized the problem, our handyman calling us about doing work twenty minutes after we prayed and put it in the Lord’s hands, and waiting for direction and looking in a different place for help than we would have if we had acted right away and then found the way smooth.

The Lord putting us on that repairman’s work order was just like what happened with Rebecca in the story today. He was already on his way before we even knew there was a problem. Rebecca was on her way before he had prayed.