It’s Not Impossible

  1. The only things that are impossible are things that would require God to deny Himself. For instance, as we read in 2 Timothy, if we are faithless, God will remain faithful because He can’t deny Himself.
  2. The doctor told us it was “impossible” for our son’s hips to improve, that there is only ever deterioration. It never improves. It was an impossibility. It made me angry. I thought, “You can’t say it is impossible.” It wasn’t. Both his hips improved. His “necessary” surgery never happened.
  3. The Lord spoke through Elisha that the famine would be over within 24 hours, not just over but remarkably so, from lack to abundance.
  4. An army captain says it’s impossible, that even if the Lord were to act, it couldn’t be.
  5. Nothing is impossible for God.
  6. The captain’s specific words were that it couldn’t be even if God opened windows from heaven.
  7. Just because we can’t imagine it, doesn’t mean God can’t do it.
  8. God’s more creative than we are, and He’s working out a lot more than we can imagine, even if we can imagine the miracle.
  9. God’s not just meeting the one need we are feeling; He’s working out all of redemptive history. He’s bringing His kingdom to earth. He’s establishing His forever reign. He’s involved with every life on earth, even the little sparrows. He’s doing a lot. And He does it all well.
  10. It turns out that God didn’t need to open windows in heaven.
  11. The famine was ended by God using Israel’s enemies to provide them with an abundance.
  12. God can use anyone and anything.
  13. The Israelites felt the need for food. God met the need, but He did a whole lot more too. He ended the siege; the war was over. He looted the enemy army. He again confirmed Elisha as His prophet. He showed the king of Israel that he doesn’t get a say in what happens to Israel. It was when the king of Israel gave up pretending to wait on the Lord that the Lord finally acted.
  14. God is big, strong, and mighty. There’s nothing my God cannot do.