It’s All His


In 1 Chronicles 29, the people are freely giving to the Lord for the building of the house of the Lord.

David, though, acknowledges that all that they have given is really all God’s. It had come from God in the first place.

When we give freely and generously with an undivided heart, we are acknowledging that it all belongs to God. It’s acknowledging that He gave it to you and He can give you more. It’s understanding that it was never yours to hold onto in the first place.

Before you save up for college and retirement, before you make investments and all such “smart” money moves, stop and acknowledge the Lord. How does He want you to use His money?

Some Christians say that financial peace comes from saving up so you can “save” yourself when trouble comes. Is that what God really wants for His people? To provide for themselves so they don’t need Him?

Doesn’t it sound more like the heart of God to ask you to give it away, so that you are living relying on Him as your provider?

When God provided manna, it went bad if they tried to save it. Jesus warns that storing up on earth invites it to be stolen or demolished.

The church has looked to the world for its financial decisions. They put Christian labels on it, but it’s mostly the world’s wisdom.

Your money is not yours to save. That isn’t to say we don’t have a bank account. Accept that God might have a plan for your savings that’s different from yours. Are you sure He wants your savings locked into something or does He want your money available for Him to use?

Prudence isn’t God’s wisdom. Prudence is wisdom, but it’s something anyone can have. You don’t need the leading of the Spirit to know it or walk in it.

Do you know your money is not your own? Do you go to God with financial decisions, from spending to saving?

Do you really see it as His to do with as He pleases? Do you seek to please God with how you use His money?

Do you ask Him before making a purchase? Do you seek His will for your money?

If you haven’t, now’s a good time to offer it all up to Him and ask Him what He wants to do with it!