It’s a Little Thing


We’re continuing our story of Hezekiah and the Assyrians.

God, in His ultimate wisdom, arranged things just right, knowing the hearts and minds of everyone involved, and allowed the Assyrians through just enough to give Hezekiah what he needed to turn to God seeking salvation.

He is saved.

The Lord sends an angel to defeat their army.

Did you catch that? AN angel. Just one. God just needed one angel to defeat an army. It was a little thing in the sight of the Lord.

Isaiah 40 gives us a little perspective. It says that the nations are a drop in the bucket to the Lord and are counted as less than a small speck of dust on a scale. It says that it’s a very little thing to the Lord to do something like raise up an island. It says that the inhabitants of the earth are like grasshoppers.

In the Psalms we read how God brings the counsel of the nations to nothing. All their plans are for naught. They can do nothing if God decides to stop it. God laughs at those coming up with evil schemes. They have no authority to act outside God’s boundaries, and the Lord knows their days are numbered.

All your problems are not even a thing. Not really. The reality is God is good and loving and on your side. Are you going to believe it and trust Him or not? Your problems are tests and opportunities to shine God’s glory.

When something comes against you, can you picture your Heavenly Father standing by your side ready to defend you? “You’re going to have to get past me first.”

When something does get through the defenses, can you trust that God didn’t fail in protecting you but is working out His perfect purposes for your life, that this breach in the wall is really for your good and will turn out for His glory, even though for a moment it seems like a failure on His part?

God can’t fail. God can only be good. God can only love those who love Him. God can only be for you. If something breaks through, it’s for your good. Give thanks and take the hint and turn to God and cry out for salvation. He is strong to save and ever ready to answer your cry for help.