Instruments for Praise


David made instruments for praise.

What instruments for praise have you made?

I’m not thinking lyres. David had a gift for music. Your gift might be very different. Do you use it to bring praise to God?

I write outlines. It’s my gift in the natural. I organize information into outlines. It’s how God made me to think. It’s easy and fun for me.

What instruments of praise have I made with my outlines? These lessons are all written in one huge outline. Easy Peasy is written as one big outline. They both offer praise to God literally, at times, but also in just using His gift to me for Him and His glory. They glorify God because they honor Him by my using what He gave me to do His will.

My obedience in doing the work He gave me is in itself a sweet-smelling aroma, a thank and praise offering to God. And, they cause other people to praise and thank God. There are many thankful prayers for Easy Peasy. I turned my gift over to God to create praise for His name.

Where have you created instruments of praise? What in your life brings God glory?

What gifts has He given you and how have you turned them around and offered them back to Him to His praise and glory? How have you turned them around and offered them to the body of Christ to build up others to the praise of God’s glory?

If you aren’t sure, begin at the beginning. Write a list of your gifts and talents. They can be in the natural or the supernatural. For instance, our current pastor is a gifted networker. That’s his gift in the natural, as I call it. However, he’s a gifted evangelist as well. That’s his gift in the supernatural. The two complement each other just as my outlines complement my gift of teaching.

Then list ways you use those gifts.

Are you using them for yourself or for the benefit of the Body of Christ to the praise of God?

Create instruments of praise. May your whole life be a joyful song to the Lord.