In the Time of Trouble


To whom do you turn where there is trouble?

2 Chronicles 28 talks about King Ahaz. He does evil in the sight of the Lord. He’s a super godly guy, just toward the wrong guys.

He sacrifices right and left trying to get help. He just didn’t turn to the only God that mattered, that had any power to save.

After Judah is terribly defeated, he doesn’t repent. He never comes to his senses. He turns and sacrifices to the gods of the army that defeated them. It doesn’t work.

He gets obsessed with trying to get help from the gods. He puts an alter in every corner of Jerusalem and in every city. He thinks he’s doing so much to help, all the while digging a pit for himself.

Where do you turn in times of trouble? Where do you run to? If you are concerned about your health, do you seek the Lord? Or, do you try diet after diet, this spice, that shake, this supplement, that regimen.

If you need money, do you seek the Lord? Or, do you beg or borrow and go into debt? Do you use questionable means? Do you scrimp and save as if the Lord wasn’t going to meet your need?

When you need deliverance from a bad situation? Where do you go for help? Do you call a lawyer? Do you contact the press? Do you fight for your rights? Or, do you seek the Lord and His help and direction?

These things might seem really different that burning your baby to a statue. And they are. Except, what makes one godly?

It’s that seeking after the Lord. It’s that thinking of Him, looking to Him.

And if you aren’t godly, then who are you? The ungodly.