1. When Jesus calls, do you go immediately?
  2. Peter, Andrew, James, and John seem to have already sized up the offer before it’s made.
  3. They don’t have to think through the implications. They don’t have any qualms over “hating” family to follow Christ. They just up and walk away.
  4. They walk away from family, at least in some ways. They walk away from their work, their way of providing for their families.
  5. I wonder at the father’s response when they walk away from him, or did he have the same knowing that this was the right choice?
  6. They were all actually walking away to their death.
  7. They didn’t know it at the time. None of them ever regretted the decision.
  8. We need to have in our hearts that whatever Jesus calls us to, the answer is an immediate yes, to the point of jumping up and going after Him, wherever He’s leading.
  9. We don’t have to think through every possible choice; there are an infinite number of possibilities out there.
  10. We just have to know one choice, Jesus.
  11. Is He your choice?
  12. Thinking through any other decision is deciding I would rather have this than Jesus. I would rather live than have Jesus, which would be an eternal death sentence.
  13. I would rather not go to prison than have Jesus, which would be an eternal prison sentence.
  14. I would rather not be tortured than have Jesus, which would be eternal torture.
  15. What choice is there really? If the choice is Jesus or everything of this world, I would rather have Jesus.
  16. Settle your choice. When the call comes, jump up with immediate joy, not fearing where He might lead because it doesn’t matter to you as long as you are with Him.