I Am but a Little Child


Solomon is offering crazy huge sacrifices on the high places. God accepts them because Solomon’s heart was to offer them to the Lord and there was no temple yet.

God gives Solomon a dream in which he is given the chance to ask for whatever he wants. He asks for wisdom to be able to know how to govern the people. He wants to know what is right to administer justice.

He establishes himself rightly before God, acknowledging God and what He has done and praises God’s steadfast love. Solomon calls himself a little child.

He will seem to lose this attitude along the way. Jesus tells us that those who inherit the kingdom come to God as a little child.

We come knowing God as our father, the one who knows and meets our needs, who teaches us what is right, and who corrects our path, training us up in the way we should go.

We come as the little child, trusting our father.

He tells us not to worry and we trust Him.

He tells us He’ll provide for us and we trust Him.

He tells us He will forgive us and shows us the way and we trust Him.

We don’t come asking every day for what we need because we trust Him to meet our needs.

We do come and ask for good gifts because we know He loves to give good gifts to his children.

Humility. We need to come as a little child. We don’t come to God as the Pharisee who knows so much they can’t see past their books. We don’t come to God as Samson, the strong man, or as Solomon, the wise man.

We come to God with nothing in our hands and offer Him ourselves, counting all our stuff and accomplishments as nothing.

We give Him our whole selves. We climb up on His lap and let Him hold us and keep us. We trust Him.