1. David asks to be kept from evil. That sounds like a good prayer. In particular, he asks for a guard to be put over his mouth. That sounds like a good prayer.
  2. The Lord doesn’t tempt us to evil, but He will allow a circumstance to see what’s in our heart, and to show us what’s in our hearts.
  3. David goes so far as to show wisdom in asking that he would receive a rebuke (when needed) from the righteous. He welcomes discipline and considers it an excellent oil that he will not refuse.
  4. David is looking to the Lord for what he needs, no matter what it is.
  5. Psalm 142 was written in a cave. David apparently is hiding out from Saul when he has these thoughts.
  6. He calls the Lord his refuge. He’s not relying on the cave. He cries out the Lord and asks to be heard.
  7. He is feeling very humbled, resorting to hiding. He asks for deliverance from “prison.” He acknowledges he doesn’t have the strength in himself to defeat this enemy that is bigger and stronger than him.
  8. He says he’ll praise God when he’s delivered. He could be praising him now. He looks forward to what he believes will come, though. He says the Lord will deal bountifully with him, and God most certainly will. David anticipates the righteous gathering to him.
  9. They will see the Lord’s gracious hand on him and be drawn in to participate in the Lord’s goodness through David’s life.