How Well Do You Know God

  1. People say all sorts of things about God. The problem is, they are just man’s thoughts, not God’s thoughts. They might even say that’s what the Bible teaches, but they haven’t read it and learned it for themselves. They are just saying a copy of what they heard someone else say who was probably copying something they heard someone else say. We can be far removed from the truth.
  2. That’s actually a problem in a lot of areas of Christianity. There is so much content out there available to us and people are just getting their content from others, not from the source. We’re watering down the Bible, losing the message, because we’re copying copies instead of giving people the original.
  3. 1 John 2:27 says that we don’t have need for anyone to teach us because we have God’s anointing, the Holy Spirit, to teach us all things.
  4. We should all know God’s word pretty well since we have God Himself as our teacher!
  5. Why don’t we? We don’t look to Him as our teacher. We aren’t seekers of the truth. We’d rather passively absorb than do the diligent work of seeking.
  6. Job, in chapter 12, is asserting his understanding of God. He knows a lot. He does. Job sees himself as one who could call on God and God would answer. We know from Psalms 4:4 that the Lord sets apart for Himself the godly and hears when they call. In Isaiah 58:9 we read how God will answer those who call to Him when they are doing acts of justice and righteousness.
  7. Job was just and blameless as he said, as best he knew. That’s the best any of can do. We’re only called to walk in what we know.
  8. Job knew lots of good things about God, things we can find elsewhere in Scripture. He really knew God and Bible truth, before there was a Bible. He knew the living word, which is much more important than knowing the Bible.