How to Be Blessed

  1. In the first psalm, we’re told what the blessed man does and doesn’t do and what their life will be like.
  2. The blessed man will prosper in everything he does.
  3. We’re given the description that we see other places in Scripture as well, that he will be like a fruit-producing tree with leaves that never wither.
  4. That tree is like the imagery of the vine. We bear fruit because we have the life of Christ coursing through our veins.
  5. We don’t produce fruit. We can’t keep from withering.
  6. We just hold out our arms to the “Son.”
  7. It’s His Spirit that gives life. It’s His Spirit that gives the life to the leaf to not wither and to the bud to bring forth fruit.
  8. We’re to have a spring of living water in us, constantly bubbling over. We’re to have streams of living water pouring in and out of us.
  9. Who gets this blessing?
  10. The one who is blessed delights in God’s law and meditates on it day and night.
  11. To meditate is to mumble. God’s law, God’s word, should be on your lips day and night.
  12. And it would be there because it was your delight.
  13. Can you say you delight in God’s word?
  14. If you struggle with the idea, think on this. Jesus is the Word. To delight in God’s word is to delight in Jesus.
  15. The Bible reveals Jesus to us. Search for Him in the Scriptures and delight to find Him there.
  16. We go to Him and His word for our counsel, for our advice, to learn the way to go and we gain life.
  17. The one who is not blessed is a sinner who listens to wicked counsel.
  18. We don’t have to concern ourselves with shadow governments controlling things. We don’t have to concern ourselves over conspiracy theories. They can plan and plot all they want. They can have secret meetings to make decisions about how to get rid of God’s people.
  19. The Lord just laughs at them.
  20. The warning to the rulers of the earth is to be wise.
  21. How can they show wisdom?
  22. They are to serve the Lord with fear.
  23. They are to rejoice with trembling.
  24. How do we serve the Lord with fear and rejoice with trembling?
  25. We humble ourselves to seek and learn His ways and follow them. We see Him for His power and majesty and dominion and authority, and we recognize we are nothing apart from Him and have no power or authority. We recognize He is holy and we are sinners apart from His grace. We recognize His wrath is deserved. We are humble and grateful. We rejoice in His greatness, His unsearchable greatness.