Hope this helps your family!


Send your add image and link to your business page to epallinone@gmail.com.

Fourth tier ads have no image. I need your website link and up to six words for what you want your link to say.

Please note that address!

If your ad is not the correct size, it will distort on the page. It will be forced into the size you purchased.

I will update the ad site on the first weekend of each month. You’ll see your ad there by the end of the first Sunday of the month. Every time the page refreshes, the ads reorganize in their sections to keep any one ad from getting a preferable location. I will post on facebook each time new ads go up.

For now, you must purchase ad space each month. It will reopen on the first of each month to leave room for others trying to purchase space. I will be examining the demand and will make changes as necessary to quantities or prices. At some point I want to switch to having an automatic monthly renewal option.