Heed the Warning


I wonder why it was so important to Ahab to fight this battle. Why did he insist on it?

I wonder why he had no fear of God at all.

I wonder what truths the false prophets ever spoke that convinced Ahab to listen to them in the first place. The devil does not know the future, but he knows what’s going on and certainly can pass on plans that have been spoken of in other places, making it seem he knows the future.

I wonder why Jehoshaphat united with Ahab in the first place.

I wonder why Jehoshaphat went into battle knowing the Lord’s hand was against Ahab.

Why did no one heed the warnings?

There was a warning for Jehoshaphat when none of Ahab’s prophets were prophets of Yahweh.

There was a warning for Jehoshaphat when this man, and especially his wife, encouraged the worship of Baals.

It was a warning to Ahab when he was told God had decreed he would fall in battle.

Where are the warning signs in your life?

When my husband and I are trying to do something and it’s just not happening, we take it as a warning sign. We stop and seek the Lord.

Certainly if there is a check in your spirit, if there is anxiety and depression over a decision or action, stop. It is a warning.

Heed the warnings.

When there is a red flag, stop. Stop in your tracks. Do not proceed. Seek the Lord for wisdom.

This applies in all areas. When you are listening to Bible teachings, if there is a red flag, stop. Seek the Lord. Maybe you heard just a bit and if you listened to more you’d see a more rounded picture of what they believe and it’s fine, or maybe the Lord will open your eyes to where they are off and leading you and others astray.

Stop and seek the Lord. Heed the warnings.