Hearing and Knowing

  1. David pleads for a quick answer from God. He calls on God’s faithfulness and righteousness to answer him, while acknowledging that he has no righteousness on his own.
  2. David is feeling overwhelmed and crushed. He’s in distress and says his spirit is failing.
  3. He does the right thing and remembers. He remembers what the Lord has done and thinks on those good things. He lifts his hands to the Lord in longing.
  4. I can relate to his next prayers. He prays and asks the Lord to just do it for him. CAUSE me to hear you. CAUSE me to know the way I should go.
  5. Do you ever feel like that? I don’t know what to do. Just make me know. I don’t trust myself to hear you. Just make me hear your voice.
  6. God doesn’t force Himself on us. I would love for Him to just take over and possess me and make me do His will, but it doesn’t work like that. We works with us, not for us. When we are questioning hearing His voice, we’re not trusting God. We need to believe He can talk to us in a way we can hear and understanding. We need to trust He can figure that out.
  7. When we’re wondering what to do, it’s safe to assume that if we don’t know what to do then we don’t know what to do. Brilliant, right? I have had to repeatedly learn that. It means wait until you do know what to do and not flop around trying different things because we really don’t know what to do.
  8. His other requests include these. Teach me to do Your will. You are good. You are my God. Lead me. Revive me. Get my soul out of this trouble. Cut off and destroy my enemies.
  9. He ends with a declaration. I am your servant.
  10. You don’t live to win people to Christ or to teach His word or to do good deeds. You live to serve God. Doing His will is our goal, day in, day out, whether in distress, or skipping through the sunlit meadow.