Great Things

  1. Can people look at your life and say, “The Lord has done great things for them?”
  2. Are you filled with laughter as you look at all the great things the Lord has done for you?
  3. Can you look back at times of weeping and see how the Lord turned them into times of joy?
  4. His workers may sow in sorrow, but there is a joyful reward for all your labors of love.
  5. Psalm 127 is full of quotables.
  6. “Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain.” Give your life to God. We’re spinning our wheels unless He’s in the driver’s seat.
  7. Its parallel statement is about how the Lord has to watch over the city. Trying to be vigilant for dangers to protect yourself and your family is never going to be able to completely protect you. You can go to sleep and forget about it if the Lord is watching over you.
  8. Give Him your life.
  9. Something I love to pray from this psalm is that He gives sleep to His beloved. That’s me. That’s you.
  10. This psalm is where the term “quiver full” comes from. Children are a reward and you are blessed if you have many “arrows” in your quiver. Although, I must say it loses a little something when you realize that was spoken by Solomon. Did he even know how many kids he had? He had 1000 wives. That’s a lot of kids.
  11. In Psalm 128 we’re told the blessing is on those who fear the Lord. It will go well with them and they will enjoy the reward of their labors. Why? What’s special about those who fear the Lord? They walk in the ways of the Lord. That’s where the blessing comes in, obedience.
  12. Psalm 129 is a curse, not a blessing. The Lord, in His righteousness, will send out wrath against the enemies of God’s people. He will fight for and defend His children.