Going After Gold


There’s a little tidbit included in 1 Kings 22.

Jehoshaphat had ships made to sail to Ophir for gold. They were going to search for treasure. The ships are wrecked and the expedition is canceled.

We hear just one more thing about it. Ahab’s son wants to revive the plan and suggests they partner up. Jehoshaphat refuses.

Why? Why doesn’t Jehoshaphat want to go after the gold? Why does he give up on the idea?

Maybe because he sees God’s hand in his life. Maybe because he trusts that God is in control and directing events. Maybe because when the ships were wrecked, Jehoshaphat took it as a sign from God, an answer that he forgot to seek first before he started.

We don’t know the story except that he had gone to great lengths to go after the gold. Having ships made is no quick, cheap thing.

Having ships wrecked is no small disaster.

Not that we have to take every stubbed toe as a sign from God, but when something you are pushing to do comes to a halt, it’s a good time to stop and make sure you are in God’s will.

Did you seek Him first? Do you know His mind on it?

Even with small things, if I am trying to do something and it’s just not working, I stop. I pray. I thank. I wait.

I am learning to wait instead of just pushing ahead, trying and trying and being frustrated in my efforts.

Do you know how much easier it is to go to God instead of customer support? It’s a much better experience! It’s much more pleasing to talk to Him than to a computer. And it’s much more pleasing to wait on Him than to wait with that hold music in your ear.

So why don’t we turn to Him? Because we have to wait, maybe. We can demand help from customer support, hopefully in a nice way. But we can’t demand God act now. We have to put it in His hands if we turn to Him.

Are you willing to do that?