God’s Perfection

  1. Elihu speaks of the awesome display God makes with His thunder and lightning, with His snow and ice.
  2. He speaks of the “wondrous works of Him who is perfect in knowledge.”
  3. It is good to remember God’s perfection.
  4. Today I was frustrated that my prayers for the healing of my friend’s husband weren’t answered. I had felt assured that He heard and would answer. At first I started to rise up inside, some indignation, but I turned it around. More likely, He gave me a little nudge to remind me of my proper stance before Him.
  5. He’s right. I’m not.
  6. I kept from getting upset and just gently asked God to help me understand. A little later I got to sit quietly with the Lord and ask Him about it. We went through the prayer and the response. If I believed the Lord had healed him, then I should keep believing that Lord has healed him. I just needed to be patient.
  7. Around that time, they found out that the husband had a mass on his kidney because of the test because of the illness. They would never had seen that otherwise.
  8. Now, I know where the real healing is going to take place. And God will get the glory. They would have never known it was there and that God had healed it otherwise. God’s not hurting them in anyway, allowing all this to happen. He’s working out their best. He’s building in them faith. He’s working out their salvation.
  9. God is clothed with awesome majesty. He would never violate justice and abundant righteousness.
  10. We need to come to Him in humility, knowing His perfection in all things. He will not regard us if we are wise in our own eyes. He is far from the proud.
  11. Know He’s perfect. Know you aren’t. If there’s a problem, it’s definitely you, not Him!