God Accomplishes What He Sets Out to Do


God had told David that one of his sons would sit on the throne and build a temple for His name. It has been accomplished. What God says, goes. It will happen. God cannot lie.

If God says something and it doesn’t happen, then it is because it was conditional. Solomon asks God to keep His word that if David’s sons walk in the law of the Lord that they will always sit on the throne of Israel. God will keep His word that David’s descendant would sit on the throne forever. It will be accomplished through Jesus. But God’s condition to David’s sons, that they would have to walk in His laws to keep the throne, would also have to be fulfilled or they would lose the throne. In fact, the whole kingdom is lost, temporarily, because they did not walk in the ways of the Lord.

Jesus will rule from Jerusalem. There will be a New Jerusalem and Jesus will reign there forever. We will reign with Him, those who endure. It will happen. If God says it will be, it will be.

The amazing thing is that His immovable plans can be changed by our prayer.

Isaiah 14:27 says For the LORD Almighty has purposed, and who can thwart him? His hand is stretched out, and who can turn it back?

You know who? Me! And you! Moses, Aaron, David, and Abraham intercede and save lives. Elijah and Elisha pray and lives are saved.

We don’t hold power over God except what He gives us. He has chosen to hear and answer prayer. He has chosen to act according to His will.

His will is to show love, grace, mercy. He will not deny His character to do so. In the end, destruction may have to come, but the prayer of a righteous man, can turn God’s hand.

Jesus taught us to pray according to God’s will, not to just relieve our distress. The power of intercession is to save others from God’s wrath, not to spare our own discomfort.

God will accomplish His word. But He gives us a great responsibility along with that truth. We have to walk according to His word and He will listen to our prayers along the way.