Glory to Idols


Saul’s sin brings glory to the gods of the Philistines. The good news of Saul’s death is brought to the house of their idols and Saul’s armor is put in the temple of Ashtaroth. I’m sure that was to acknowledge and reward their god for the victory.

Satan got the glory instead of God.

What if things are that black and white?

I’ve talked before about there only be two types of thoughts, either God’s thoughts or get-behind-me-Satan thoughts. (1 Samuel 24:1-7  Speaking for the Lord

Either we’re walking with Jesus or we’re not.

Either we’re in His will or we’re not.

We can give thanks and honor God or we can complain and honor Satan.

We can love God or hate God, by keeping or not keeping His commandments.

We can love money or we can love God.

We can love God and be an enemy of the world or we can love the world and be an enemy to God.

We can bring God glory by letting Him be victorious through us by our surrender and obedience, or we can bring Satan the victory and the glory by taking our lives into our own hands.

Saul’s sin cost his life, his sons’ lives, the lives of many other men, the defeat of the Israelites, the capture of their towns, the Israelites fleeing their homes, the glory going to the god of this world.

Do you consider sin that costly?

Much was given Saul, so much was required. If you were born into an American family who goes to church and seeks to follow Jesus, then you have been given MUCH. Much is required.

You weren’t blessed for your own benefit.

Saul wasn’t given kingship so he could bring honor to his own name. Saul was given the kingship to lead God’s people to honor God.

What are you living for?

Is it worth dying for?